Consult For Creatives

Crafted support for creative minds.

We help individuals with a creative spirit turn ambitions into reality through practical, actionable, and personalized guidance. Tap into our experience, and expertise through consultations where you can get advice, support, considered and thoughtful feedback, develop a growth strategy, brainstorm sessions, and more.


You're striving to reach the next level of creativity.

But doing it alone hasn't been working, you've hit a plateau. How will you progress?

You have talent, your ideas, your motivation, and ambitions — it's everything you need, right? Yet, you feel stuck and unsure how to grow your creative career, how to achieve your goals. Your accomplishments start to feel unreal and imposter syndrome creeps in as you struggle to find the right path forward. You need help, but it's out of reach or fleeting with no consistency. Why do you lack momentum?



What are these feelings? You’ve been busy, but anxiety is creeping in, mornings are hard, days feel longer. You have inspired high days, and then you don’t know what to do with yourself, especially that unexpected sensation of feeling lost and depressed. Something needs to change.



You’ve experienced rejections, plenty of ghosting, and no new prospects. What will you do? Find a new gig or maybe freelance? Nice idea, but you can’t obtain actionable or honest feedback to take the next step. You’ve begun to ask, “Why don't people like me?”, “Why can’t I move up the ladder, nor land better opportunities?” — Where will you go from here?



Momentum has slowed, or worse, you’ve started to fall behind. You’re finding reasons to justify inaction or lack of decision. Who will help you take responsibility for results, highlight consequences, and hold you accountable?


A creative co-pilot.


Are you a newbie, expert, or creative magician going through your career and life, but your kinetic energy has slowed to a cloud of potential looking for somewhere to go? Well, meet your friendly creative force for unsticking your momentum, growth, transformation, or overall elevation. Despite where you are in your creative saga, you’ll be met where you’re at. Our sessions will allow us to dive deep, discussing your most pressing struggles and growth plan, such as where you are now and where you want to go. Gain an empathetic, experienced, and reliable companion to fly alongside you, all while helping to enhance clarity, realize ambitions, and create the life you want.

Who is this for?


The avid knowledge seekers who know there is always room for growth.

The forward-looking professionals who want to unlock the next level of success.

The self-aware who understand the value of an outside perspective.

The conscientious who have specific challenges or concerns to work through.

The creative castaways who want reliable companions on their journey.

The ambitious who know exactly where they want to go but need a little help getting there.



$75 / call

✓ 30-minute Call

✓ Overview of Consultation Program(s)

✓ Discuss Anything Design, Career, or Life

✓ Call Deducted From Any Program Subscription


No surprise fees

No Seats Available


$250 / mo

✓ Unlimited Asynchronous Messaging

✓ Text, Audio, and Video Messaging

✓ Discuss Anything Design, Career, or Life

✓ Actionable Guidance

✓ Follow-ups / Check-ins

✓ No Contracts, Cancel Anytime


No surprise fees

No Seats Available


$475 / mo

✓ Everything in Medium plus...

✓ Unlimited 60-minute 1:1 Calls

✓ Call Recordings

✓ Actionable Guidance

✓ Tailored Resources and Tools

✓ No Contracts, Cancel Anytime


No surprise fees

No Seats Available
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