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Intellectual Badass

Frameless Print
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This one's for the ridiculed "know it all", the misunderstood "bookworm", the underestimated "wise guy/gal", for the Intellectual Badasses of the world. Maybe it's you, maybe it's someone you know, either way it's time to put it on display, so everyone knows the Facts.
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Design Notes

Our flagship print collection Pritonus is inspired by our identities, our passions, the world around us, and the unknown creative experimentation in need of an outlet. We hope you enjoy this collection.

The Facts Print is part of this collection. This print series is composed of statement pieces (literary) that serve to highlight the inner thoughts of creatives, outliers, and outsiders in a witty but “factual” manner.

Crafted on ultra premium 260 g/m² luster photo paper, every Pritonus print presents a balanced finish, a mixture of gloss and matte with maximum ink coverage — making for a wonderfully saturated viewing experience. With deep saturation and a finish that makes each print resistance to fingerprints — your walls are in for a treat with giclée quality prints. Go ahead and hang one, it’s the perfect way to show your walls some love.

Fact Statement

The immensity of intellect contained in my cerebral hemispheres is unfathomable to the likes of you minuscule minded peasants.

Fits + Features

  • Highly saturated with maximum ink coverage.
  • Fingerprint resistant.
  • Paper: 260 g/m², Ultra Premium Luster Photo Paper.
  • Frameless

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