Consult For Businesses

Clarity for what comes next.

We help businesses with the ambitious goals transform broad concepts into laser-focused ideas with a clear vision, purpose, and strategy. Tap into our unstandard thinking, experience, and creative expertise through consultations where you can get carefully considered and thoughtful feedback, strategic insights, brainstorm sessions and more.


At some point, every business gets stuck.

But despite this, great products are created and businesses succeed. What drives them to excel?

You have great ideas and audacious goals that go beyond you. It's challenging to create something meaningful through ebbs and flows, and growing pains. You arrive at a crossroads, things are suddenly foggy, your mind feels stuck, and everything you've overcome so far starts to feel like a series of lucky breaks. The road ahead seems impossible, obstacles ahead seem unmovable, and every sign you can make out through the fog seems to say STOP. What's keeping you from progress, from finding your way through the fog?



Circumstances are making you unsure about goals and desired outcomes, your internal narrative is becoming negative. As a result, confidence is eroding. Something has to change.



A cloud of doubt is settling in — suddenly your business seems less clear. The road forward less apparent. You're questioning if you're tackling the right problem(s)? How much is this costing you?


Financial Uncertainty

Revenue has plateaued, or worse, it's slowly declining. The growth you've been looking for hasn't materialized, but you're tapped out on why?


A partner in success.


Is your business, product, or service in a state where you're confronting issues, have trouble resolving user pain-points, or feel blocked from achieving your goals?

Then think of us as your trusted outside perspective on focused problems, for innovation, growth, transition, or optimization. Regardless of where you are with your business the objective is the same. Through our collaboration, we will discuss and dissect your most pressing concerns, where you are now, and where you hope to be. Through a thoughtful application of creative thinking, strategy, and problem-solving you will obtain a clearer road forward and an actionable plan to start making moves.

Who is this for?


The proactive who want initial design / product guidance.

The collaborative who want a fresh external, strategic and creative point of view.

The diligent who have specific issues or concerns to talk through.

The bootstrapped who want experience without the cost of hiring.

The visionaries who feel their product, service, or business could use some creative direction.



$175 / call

✓ 30-minute Call

✓ Overview of Consultation Program(s)

✓ Call Deducted from Any Program Subscription


No surprise fees

No Seats Available


$750 / mo

✓ Unlimited Asynchronous Messaging

✓ Text, Audio, and Video Messaging

✓ Discuss Anything Business, Strategy, or Design

✓ Actionable Feedback

✓ Follow-ups / Check-ins.

✓ No Contracts, Cancel Anytime.


No surprise fees

No Seats Available


$1895 / mo

✓ Everything in Medium plus...

✓ Unlimited 60-minute 1:1 Calls

✓ Four 90-minute Team Calls

✓ Call Recordings

✓ Actionable Feedback

✓ No Contracts, Cancel Anytime


No surprise fees

No Seats Available