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When was the last time you witnessed informative, unbiased coverage of news online? Better yet, when was the last time you had productive conversation about current events without it going to sh** debating the “real details”?

Unfortunately, misinformation and fake news seem to be everywhere these days. In fact, it is estimated that fake news stories and fabricated facts get four times more engagement than that of real stories and reliable sources. The internet is the new public space for debate and dialogue, replacing the old notion of televisions and radios as the greatest mediums for the masses. The internet has given everyone a voice, but unfortunately, the internet is also an unregulated place, leading to an unfair imbalance of influence, breeding an environment that makes understanding what’s true and what’s false increasingly difficult for the average consumer.

Gander aims to be a trusted source of balanced and transparent information and news to help people form well-rounded and informed self-opinions. By creating the world's first decentralized news and research aggregation platform. With a mission to serve as the ultimate neutral party—unswayed by outside forces, political parties, or financial gain. Built on unbiased objectivity, diverse mindsets, varying backgrounds, and diligent investigation to achieve a singular goal “elevate the truth”.

Providing the foundation from which people can approach the ever-changing and chaotic information landscape of today’s world — making it possible for anyone to access the same level of transparency, insight, and data purity that we all have the right to.

Diving into this project there was an understanding that if we were to improve the quality and reliability of information online, there had to be better information shepherds — shepherds that not only elevate accurate data but one that empower and reward quality, accurate, and unbiased information, not nonvetted, biased, and click bate information.

So we asked, who makes the perfect hero in this story? The answer was obvious – the people.

By enabling individuals from all walks of life with the tools and technology they need to not only consume media but also help to uncover the raw version of it, people will seek out the truth, then contribute to the full story and engage in the surrounding conversation in a more informed and productive way. News for the people by the people, talked about, listened to, watched or read. Through crowdsourced boots on the ground supportive data, the truth will grow and thrive — this radical transparency will beget a wave of positive benefits throughout global society.

To achieve this we knew Gander needed to be recognized and accepted as a reliable, trustworthy, and undoubtedly neutral party. A brand that cares deeply about the purity and accuracy of information above all else. To do this, we crafted an identity that matched the passion and idealism of the brand's mission.We began with a word mark that tells a story of transparency, openness, harmony, and inclusivity that can live throughout a wide range of touchpoints. The mark needed to unwaveringly stand for Gander, as well as its larger mission of elevating the truth.

The word mark was constructed in a modern serif typeface with a bit of character added in through the use of hard and smooth lines, paired with small details. Garnished with subtle exclusions in the terminal bulbs to signify the consumption of information at different points of the user's journey. Coupled with flowing descender and finals as a nod to the flow of information and fluidity of discovery. This thoughtful harmony between soft curves and hard lines enables the word mark to strike a nice balance of elegance and strength while indicating the confidence in service that Gander seeks to instill within users.

Keeping in stride with the concept of openness we selected a vibrant, warm and cozy color palette that gives off neighborly vibes which feel inviting and aim to gain the trust and emotional investment of users to make information consumption feel more human, connected and dependable. This all helps to build a lasting relationship with the brand, creating something that is more intentional and lifestyle-driven, leaning away from quick media and reaction culture.

In addition to ensuring that the identity mirrored the essence of the overall vision of the brand we now needed to communicate that sense of clarity into the platform itself. We wanted to ensure that Gander was approachable and easy to use, and that the user experience would elevate the brand to an entirely new level of trust and reliability.

We knew that the product needed to take a profound and enduring position around simplicity and efficiency. Knowing that Gander as a platform encapsulates so much technology and advanced functionality we needed to drive home the sense of clarity for users by bringing order to complexity and creating an experience that was both clutter-free and absent of unnecessary ornamentation. The finished product is a clear representation of these goals; with a methodically thought-out information architecture, simple structure, and minimal aesthetic we were able to elevate discovery, curation, and contribution seamlessly, enabling users to quickly craft digest suited to moments, interests, time and more from readable articles to video and audio coverage. This harmonious design approach was repeated across every feature in the application.

Ultimately we ended up with a design that defined the entire experience in a way that felt familiar and coherent without limiting functionality or accessibility, communicating a noticeable degree of care to craft a platform and craft it well in service of the greater mission, in service of the people, in service of humanity.

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