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Misinformation and fake news seem to be everywhere these days. In fact, it is estimated that fake news stories and fabricated facts get more engagement than real stories. The internet is the new public space for debate and dialogue, replacing the old notion of televisions and radios as the greatest medium for the masses. The internet has given everyone a voice, but unfortunately, the internet is also an unregulated place, leading to an unfair imbalance of influence, breeding an environment that makes understanding what’s true and what’s false increasingly difficult for the average consumer.

Gander aims to be a trusted source of balanced and transparent information and news to help people form well-rounded and informed self-opinions. By creating the world's first decentralized news and research aggregation platform, the mission is to serve as the ultimate neutral party — unswayed by outside forces, political parties, or financial gain. Built on unbiased objectivity, diverse mindsets, varying backgrounds, and diligent investigation, the goal is to achieve a singular goal, “elevate the truth”.

Providing the foundation from which people can approach the ever-changing and chaotic information landscape of the world in which we live today, Gander makes it possible for anyone to access the same level of transparency, insight, and data purity that we all have the right to.

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