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The Table
André Givenchy
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What are the main factors that influence people's personalities? Why do we find some people so irresistible that we all fall instantly under their spell? We are what we are, but we are also something much more. We have no control over what we are born with, but all that we are beyond that, is what truly makes us who we are.

On the one hand, we can't change our genetic makeup, but on the other hand, as the Dalai Lama says, "humans are creatures of thought — not of genes."  If we lead with that perspective, then it is in fact up to us to build the body and mind in which we really want. To resist any tendency to be at war with ourselves, to simply exercise bravery, to be uniquely us, and bare it all with pride and joy.  

In an effort to encourage divergence from the common notion of self-identity being static, The Table aims to replace this with a novel concept called the "identity playlist", which is based upon the belief that all of our identities are built like a playlist. As we navigate through life, we slowly discover our own sound, adding and removing tracks, experimenting with different mixes until we form a construct of ourselves. All you need to do is press play and bare your soul to the world without regret, without fear. Just bring you to the table — all of you. Bare it all because the world needs the weird, the inspiring, the quirky, and the rebellious. Inclusivity, that's the real key to passionate, and positive living.  

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