Welcome to the Island, home to individuals who strive to craft things right. Not for oneself but in service of humanity, through creativity — and with care.

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Childishly curious.

Without profoundly new perspectives, without imagination and potent ideas, our practice has no purpose.

Islandlore is we challenge all to be better than they will allow themselves to be. To dare and achieve the impossible, to realize the true extent of their potential — because that is where greatness is found. The lore… is true.
In Swedish, Segern means victory. For us, it's more than just a strong word or name; it’s the foundation of our philosophy. It’s the pursuit and achievement of mastery and success in all endeavors — through any struggles and against all odds or difficulties. We believe brands and products should be precise. They should have a human scale and purity that make them feel essential.

We think and craft in unstandard ways to forge creations that feel more like natural compliments to human lives rather than just another option.
Portrait photo of André Givenchy, founder of Segern.

Chef islander.

André Givenchy.

I'm André, the founder of Segern, and your go-to strategist and designer with over a decade of experience turning innovative ideas into successful realities. My journey over the last decade has led to me playing a role in securing early stage funding totaling over half a billion dollars for various startups.

I've had the privilege of collaborating with brands like Tinder, FastAF, KeepSafe, Rex, and the VMware-acquired Boxer (previously Taskbox) to name a few. My work has caught the attention of giants like Apple, Google, and Microsoft—and has been featured in top publications like The New York Times, Fast Company, and Forbes among others.

Beyond the screens, pixels, and boardrooms, I'm passionate about mentoring others to unlock their potential. Sharing insights on design, mindset, and business. And at the end of the day, my dedication is motivated by a desire to empower others by crafting quality products for quality people, and a quality future.

Will your idea be the next adventure?

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Darrell Smith
Founder at Flaksbury St. Magazine
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" André was an essential asset to my project & I would recommend him to anyone seeking professional design. After showing my app's initial designs & giving a brief overview of what I wanted to change he delivered in a timely manner, adding a more professional cleaner look to the interface. Working with him I got creativity, professionalism & quick understanding of what I was looking for. He was also great at communicating & suggesting ideas of his own. "

Jonathan Kim
Content Manager at FastAF
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" André is an absolute joy to work with! I've had the pleasure of working with him cross-functionally, and there has not been a single time where I could not count on him to perform and get the job done with high quality work. Not only is he a powerhouse when it comes to design, he also brightens up the room with the positive attitude and mindset that never leaves him! "

Christian Davies
North American Site and Launch Manager at FastAF
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" I had the pleasure of working with André at FastAF. André was extremely helpful as we cross collaborated on numerous platform launches for the company. He always took the time to listen to user concerns and implement actions to improve them. I really hope our work paths cross again one day. "

Jose A. Ortega
CEO and Co-founder at PrimePro
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" André is a world class designer, leader and innovator. His craft for weaving the human experience with products is unmatched. He is humble, resourceful and a hustler. I, without any reservations, recommend André. "

Sunthar Premakumar
Founding Partner & Chief Product Officer at Rex
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" André is an extremely talented and thoughtful designer. He is very intuitive when it comes to user psychology and is systematic in his approach to designing experiences. My team and I have learned quite a lot from how he approaches design. He is a great team player and a great addition to any team. I highly recommend! "

Jack Rachmani
VP of Engineering ar Rex
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" André is a brilliant and gifted strategist and designer who really understands how to get the best out of people. André strength is his ability to deal with conflicting priorities in high-pressure situations. He has a great understanding of technology and quickly picked on the business goals and initiatives. I think he will be a great asset to any organization and I hope to work with him again in the future. "

Austin Witherow
Contract Full-Stack Engineer, Front-end Engineer at FastAF
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" I worked with André for about a year at FastAF. Not only did he provide stellar UX and UI design for the product suite there, but he was great at interfacing with both ends of the pipeline. Everything was user driven, designs were developer aware, was able to create some great stuff with him. Was sad to see him go, so sad that we now are partnering on stuff together, and it is awesome. "

Jason Putorti
Mint, AngelList & More
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" Great designs, really clean & intuitive work. "

Matías S. Moises
Chief Technology Officer at PrimePro
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" It surprised me how well André knows what he's doing, not only for creating something new from scratch but also to be able to work on something that have been there. The level of detail and his consideration from the engineering side (my side) makes him a great designer. It has been really good to finally work with a designer that considers how complex could result something in terms of implementation of a new design. His ability to have a well documented and clear design system makes it really easy to understand what element, color, size, etc., we're working on – and the result of that is not only an amazing look and feel of the product but also a more organized code that is easy to scale and add new components. What is even better is the importance he gives to build a brand that communicate to the clients: not only in terms of design, colors, patterns but voice, tone, messaging, etc. It has been a really good experience to working with such a talented designer. "

Adi Ofer
CTO at FastAF
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" I have had the pleasure of working with André and being his manager at FastAF. André is a great team player and a talented designer. He has been leading the design of our internal applications, and these have been the best designed internal applications which I have seen in all my years in the industry: thoughtful, beautiful, and enjoyable designs which addressed the use cases in a simple and elegant manner. As part of the process of creating the design André worked closely with the internal users and with the development team, fostering an excellent collaboration ambiance and a can-do spirit. I will gladly work with André again in the future. "

Rituparna Roychoudhury
Co-Founder at PrimePro
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" André is amazing. He is a team player and very collaborative to work with. He hails with tremendous experience in design, product, and strategy and was a monumental addition to our team. Very quickly, he completely changed and improved our design system and streamlined the UX of our product which massively improved our customer experience. I had an amazing time working with André and also learned so much from him. He is fun at work, a great person to talk to, very caring, and also very wise. He also helped a lot with visual design and strategy in marketing. He is a great asset to any team. "

Bre'anna Wilson
CEO at Bambu Care
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" I’ve had the pleasure of working with Andrè and Segern across multiple projects. From day one, they were thoughtful and intentional in their approach and process. They truly care about understanding and supporting the needs of your business and audience. They want you to succeed and it shows! Andrè himself is very patient and understanding and goes above and beyond to deliver unmatched quality and service every time. He really is a great human with a divine heart! I would recommend him and Segern to anyone seeking extraordinary design services and/or in need of consultation services to get unstuck and move your ideas or business forward. "

Lydia Kim
Senior Product Manager at Candy Digital
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" André was the sole designer for the FastAF Admin dashboard and fulfillment platforms. He was not only a pleasure to work with, but he was also very efficient, quick, thorough, and also very forward-thinking when it came to producing designs for a very fast-paced startup, where different, competing priorities would be thrown at him from all angles. André cares deeply about his work but also about his colleagues, which was why he was nominated to be a part of FastAF's internal group that focused on team building and creating a better company culture. If given the chance, I would not hesitate to work with him again. "

Darian Edwards
CXO at FastAF
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" André is an amazing person to have on your team. He's someone who is not only talented, a true craftsman and smart. He has a positive attitude and is a culture carrier. André is able to add value across a few design disciplines including Ul, Design Systems, UX and Product Design and I wouldn't hesitate to hire him again. "

Zack Baumel
Founder at Purq & Oneness Co-Creative
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" What an incredible experience you've created here. I just wanted to personally reach out and share appreciation. I've been using webflow and researching for guidance for almost 2 years.... and then you made this. Your work rejuvenates my spirit for what we do. With gratitude, thank you brother. "

Ben Tautfest
VP of Design at Rex
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" André is a badass. I worked with him at Rex where he was the design lead for PrimePro, a product w/in the Rex ecosystem. When André started, the app was kind of a hot mess, but he whipped it into shape in a relatively short amount of time. He gained the trust of his team almost immediately with his collaboration skills and ability to explain the human psychology behind his design decisions. Andre has a broader and deeper skillset than you find in most designers; it's rare to find someone who I'm just as confident in their ability to create a beautiful brand as I am in their ability to create elegant user experiences. On top of that, he has a steady, calm demeanor and optimistic outlook that makes him a pleasure to be around. If you have the chance to work with André, don't pass it up. "

Carlos Perez
Founder at CP Digital Darkroom
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" Through great design choices, André helped bring a new level of polish to SongShift. After giving him a breakdown of what our app did, he was able to quickly start mocking up UI/UX. André is very talented and dedicated to his work. I would be more than happy to work with him in future projects. "

George Powdrill
Founder at iBrand Consulting Group
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" Thank you so much for your hard work! André showed tremendous character by keeping cool and helping us to make sure everything got done, even during such a busy time for us all. I am glad to know that I can depend on him to stick it out when things get a little hairy, and his exceptional work ethic and attention to detail does not go unnoticed. "

Vivian Dao
Mobile Product Lead at FastAF
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" André brings a determined, kind, and warm energy to the workplace. His advanced design skills enable him to tackle any challenging task or request within a tight timeline. André has a gift when working with engineers, understanding technical limitations and designing for the defined scope and future state of features. He also brings product-oriented perspectives to help shape the roadmap and deliver incremental and impactful changes. His self-starting and driven energy is a must for any startup environments, and mature-staged companies. "